Cookie dough pretzel bites.

How amazing does that sound? Cookie dough. Pretzel. Bites.


One of the many baking blogs I follow is Sally’s Baking Addiction. The recipes she comes up with are just superb and I want to make them all. And then possibly bath in them.

So, when work decided to hold a bake sale to raise funds for the NSW bush fires, I knew immediately what I was going to make to get a few gold coins out of people.

And thus, cookie dough pretzel bites.

They are really easy to make and the cookie dough is made without egg (so it’s safe to eat. Although I know many of you don’t care about salmonella.)

All you need is the cookie dough, pretzels and melting chocolate. You can get the recipe here on Sally’s website.


I feel a ‘coooooooookies’ is appropriate right now.


You roll the cookie dough into balls and press a pretzel on either side, then chill them before dipping them in chocolate.


These went down really well with everyone, but be warned, they are very rich. One of these and I’m done.

I think if I am to make these again, which in all honesty, probably, I will create slightly smaller balls before sandwiching them between the pretzels. I feel it was just a bit too much cookie dough per pretzel and chocolate.

Here is a selection of other baking made by my collegues that was on sale:


I believe we raised over $200 in total, which will go to the Red Cross to aid those affected by the NSW bush fires.