Would the real Demi Lovato please stand up?

Yesterday while I was sitting in Wellington airport waiting for my flight back to Sydney, I decided to watch some videos on YouTube to use up some of my remaining data.

I came across the official ‘Heart Attack’ lyric video on Demi Lovato’s channel. When I first listened to it I did not think much of it and blogged my thoughts. But I decided to give it another listen to see if I liked it any more.

TURNS OUT, that the song I originally listened to wasn’t ‘Heart Attack’ at all, but some other dubious song, which someone had named as ‘Heart Attack’. Some old cover Demi had done. It has now been removed from YouTube.


Anyway, the REAL song is actually pretty good and I quite like it.

Shut the front door. No, really.

Image credit: google images.

I am listing to Demi Lovato’s new song and all I can think is, what the actual fuck is this?

I have no idea.

Could it be one that slowly grows on you? No idea.

It is definitely not what I usually listen to, yet I usually listen to Demi.

*brain implodes*