All along I believed I would find you.

As you all know, Man Piece and I are engaged. We haven’t set a date or even started to make some of the hard decisions about it, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t start to plan and look for ideas!

At the beginning, when I found something I liked, I would download the photo and save it on my computer. I have an entire folder called “Wedding Stuff”. However, I then found Pinterest.


Now, I know there has been some controversy around Pinterest and whether you actually are devoid of any legal ramifications around pinning other people’s photos. This is kind of worrying when it clearly states in Pinterest’s terms and conditions that it will not be held accountable and you have to pay its legal fees! WTF?!

I have digressed…

That aside, until a case actually comes forth around that, I will continue using it because it has made looking for ideas for the wedding, and keeping track of them, so much easier.

And besides, if you don’t want people reproducing what you put on the internet, don’t do it, it’s as simple as that. I know anything I put on this blog, photos included, can be reproduced anytime, anywhere, by anyone.

But back to the wedding planning.

Pinterest has been amazing and if you want to see ideas of what I am thinking for mine and Man Piece’s big day you can have a look at my Wedding Stuff board.

I also have an appointment with my dress maker when I am at home next weekend. EXCITE. Even though it is way early and we haven’t set a date yet, she is a family friend ¬†of sorts now – we’ve know her for years. There was no one else that I could imagine getting my dress from.

As she is a family friend, she wanted to meet with me before Queen’s Birthday weekend as she is going to Singapore fabric shopping then. That’s supposedly where all the good wedding material comes from.

Maybe after the first appointment, Man Piece and I will be able to sit down and set a date.

I have also begun exploring less technological means of looking for ideas. I bought my first wedding magazine a few weeks ago:

I’ve also being and perused dresses at Astra Bridal. This one was my favourite:

But the one dress that I cannot get out of my head is a Disney Bridal dress:

It is absolutely gorgeous.

[Title is lyrics from Christina Perri’s ‘A Thousand Years’, which I have stuck in my head all week.]