Can I hibernate ’till next year?

Oh my god. I think I might just burst.

I’m pretty sure I ate too much roast chicken and potato salad. I couldn’t even have seconds on dessert.

It’s been a fairly lazy day. Didn’t get up until after midday, then I kind of sat around doing odd bits and pieces.
I spent a bit of time googling to try and find out how to change the URL on my wordpress blog, but when I couldn’t figure out an easy way to do that, I decided to just change over to blogspot with it. Importing the past posts was relatively easy.

So Music and Cupcakes is now over here too. Yay!

Ended up finally catching Marie Antoinette on tv today. Thought it was cool, with the modern aspects added in. Reminded me of A Knight’s Tale. Caught some of The Goonies too, now that’s a blast from the childhood!

Finally I decided I wanted to smell like a peach again, so showered at about 3pm. Yes, I know this in mundane, but I swear you all love it.

I then got in the kitchen to cook some eggs! Only I did it wrong and hard boiled them instead, because that is what potato salad calls for. Also cooked the potato. Essentially made the potato salad.

God I’m awesome.

Did you know potato is one of those words, that if you say it over and over, it loses all meaning?
Just like spleen.

I was then a good daughter and hung out with my parents a bit. We ate cheese and listened to “Love Never Dies” by Andrew Lloyd Weber, then watched teh news.

Had roast chicken done on the BBQ for dinner with THREE types of salad and steamed pudding for dessert. Had ONE TIME cider. I am sufficiently stuffed and can no longer move.

I might just have to go hibernate until next year.

Anywho! I am quite impressed with my new yellow nail polish from Glassons. It is yet to chip on any finger and it’s been on for about 48 hours now. Most excellent.
Currently watching King Kong, never seen it before. May put on Star Trek though because when I woke up today I had that “Star trekking across the universe” song stuck in my head. Ugh.

Only hilarious in small doses.